All About ME

All About ME

Hi & Wecome! My name is Sophie James Andreesen and I am so excited to share everything I am currently loving and am inspired by with all of you.

The Number Nineteen is a fashion and lifestyle blog to encourage creativity and, hopefully, serve as an outlet for inspiration. I cannot wait to share more ideas and experiences but, first, I wanted to begin by introducing myself!


The Number Nineteen.

My birthday is December 19, 1996… making me both, barely, a Sagittarius and a ’90s baby.   I guess you could say this attributes to my determined and creative personality, as well as, my love of NYSNC 😉 I have always found creativity in the way I dress and live my life and decided to share that through this blog. If you haven’t connected the dots yet, the name “The Number Nineteen” comes from the day I was born, and is inspired by the fashion house Chanel (i.e. ‘Chanel  Nº 5’ and etc.).


The Devil Wears Prada (IRL).

I will be entering my senior year at Indiana University, which is crazy to write, as I feel like I was just moving in to my freshman dorm. I am a journalism major with two minors in fashion design and business (business was a compromise I made with my dad for having such a creative path, hehe). It may seem cliché, or as if I have based my life off a movie, to say my future goal is to have a career at a fashion magazine in New York but, fashion has always been at the center of my world and writing has always been a skill that comes naturally. Last summer I spent in Los Angeles working for an online publication, this summer I will spend in New York interning for a fashion company, I just started this little “passion project” (a.k.a  Nº 19), so who knows what’s to come.


Sophie James.

When asked “Tell me a fun fact”, which honestly might be at the top of the list of ‘put-me-on-the-spot’ questions, my go-to’s are either (a) “I’m Egyptian” or (b) “I have a boys middle name”… at this point both are very overused answers and I should try to come up with something new….but, anyways. I am very lucky to say my family members are some of my best friends. My mom, Azza (pronounced ‘eye-za’), was born in Egypt (fun fact #1). She is my biggest supporter and personal comedian, as well as, one of the smartest people I know, with one of the biggest hearts. My dad, who’s name is James (fun fact #2) but prefers going by Tom, is extremely hardworking and charismatic, both skills I strive for in my own life. Jacob, Ben, and Luke are my three younger brothers who are never afraid to give me their complete honest opinion OR accompany me along adventure. Along with my family, I have been blessed to have collected the greatest friends through all of my experiences, and look forward to who will step into my life next!

I am so excited to start The Number Nineteen as an extension of my creativity and daily life. I will be sharing my fashion and beauty tips, my inspirations, my travels and anything else that I love or am influenced by.

I can’t wait for you to read more!

Xo, Sophie