Inside My Makeup Bag

Inside My Makeup Bag


When it comes to makeup, I’ve always been a little boring… maybe even a “creature of habit”. I have fair skin, freckles and blue eyes, so my main concerns are evening my skin tone (without hiding my freckles) and adding the appearance of  a tan to make my eyes pop. I really love to have outfits that make a statement…so my makeup routine tends to fall low (in terms of priority). 

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Today, lucky for me, a natural face has turned into a trend, making my simple routine not seem out of the ordinary.  Here is a look into my makeup bag, filled with my go-to products!




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It may be a bit strange that this DRUGSTORE product is at the top of my list but, I can say with certainty it is my absolute favorite product. I have tried many other tinted moisturizers and BB creams at a variety of price points but, this ranks above them all. The texture is light and gives the feeling you have nothing on. It also gives the perfect color and blends easily into the skin, not to mention its only $9!!!!




I swear by the Dior “Nude” pallets (left) for adding color to my face! I use one as an all-over bronzer (right, in left photo), since I can look a bit ghostly without a tan, and then go in with the pink and shimmery palette (far left) for my cheeks and bridge of my nose to give the appearance of a natural “sun kissed” glow. My favorite, second to my BB cream, of course, is the shimmery palette as it functions as both my blush and highlighter!! On days when I need a bit more coverage, I will add either the Clinque or Laura Mercier powder for an even smooth complexion.




My only scent for the past few years has been Chanel “Chance Eau Tendre” (the pink Chanel) it is a light and fresh perfume that is perfect year round. Recently, though, I have mixed it up with Chloe “Fluer de Parfum”.  It smells amazing and is a bit heavier than Chanel, ensuring it will last all day. Between the two I can’t pick a favorite, since they are very different but, I love that both are perfect for everyday wear… so with that I mix and match based on my mood that day!




The first three categories sum up my everyday routine but, when I have an event or am going somewhere a bit dressier I will add more to my cheeks and eyes. When I add more makeup, or go for a “bolder” look, I still keep it fairly natural… hence why bold is in quotes. The M.A.C. blush (far left) adds a bit more to my Dior “Nude” and really makes my cheeks and bone structure pop. I will also dab a bit of the creme M.A.C highlight (right in the left photo) to the top of my cheekbones, this product gives dimension to my face when photos are taken. As for my eyes it depends on what I’m wearing, my fav eyeshadows are both M.A.C. and are both gold and pinkish neutral shades to bring out the blue in my eyes.




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Mascara, tweezers and lip gloss are pretty much a staple for any makeup bag. I have only ever bought Tweezerman tweezers but with that I feel like all tweezers are pretty much the same… I do love the color though (obviously the main reason I bought them). The mascara I’ve been loving is actually a sample of Dior “Diorshow”, it’s convenient for travel… but it’s about time I refresh with a full size. As for lips… I love a pinky or rosy color and mainly stick with gloss and chapstick as opposed to lipstick. The Clinque “Chubby Stick” has a great texture and gives great color for a chapstick while the Dior lipgloss provides a “girly” look with a lot of shine and the perfect shade of pink!




I have been traveling a lot recently, so these are a few of my necessities when I am not home. I am OBSESSED with the Kiehl’s mini “Cleansing Mask” as well as the Orgins mini mud mask. My skin gets very dry flying a lot so these are the perfect refreshers to keep my skin feeling great! For hydration, the Dior “Capture Youth” lotion samples are amazing to travel with… saving ALOT of space that would otherwise be taken up by my larger lotion container. I always make sure to ask for samples when I am at the Dior counter to have a stash in my makeup bag. Finally I make sure that I have my favorite Essie navy nail polish, mint EOS lip balm, and a couple of Crest “3D White White Strips”… all three have definitely saved the day from time to time.



Maybelline ‘Dream Fresh BB Cream’ in “Light Medium, $9

Chloe ‘Fleur De Parfum’, $132

Dior ‘Diorskin Nude Air Powder Healthy Glow Invisible Powder’ in “Honey Beige”, $56

Dior ‘Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Powder’ in “Soft Sunlight”, $45

Dior ‘Addict’ Ultra-Gloss’ in “Nude”, $30

Clinique ‘Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder Oil-Free’ in “Oat”, $26

Dior ‘Diorshow Lash-Extension Effect Volume Mascara’, $30

Chanel ‘Chance Eau Tendre’, $130

Laura Mercier ‘Matte Radiance Baked Powder’ in “Bronze 02”, $42

J. Crew ‘ Clear makeup pouch’ in “Metallic Pearl”, $20