ICONIC STYLE: Cindy Crawford’s 90s Nostalgia

It is safe to say 2019 is giving me ’90s déjà vu! As the decade continues to influence today’s style, it seems only fitting to reminisce on the looks that made Cindy Crawford a house-hold name. While securing her spot in the industry, she managed to establish a signature style composed of classic silhouettes, ‘90s accessories and pops of color.

Read on for tips to achieve Crawford’s perfectly ‘90s style in 2019.

ICONIC STYLE: Karl Lagerfeld’s Wardrobe and Creations

As the creative director for both Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld’s designs prove as difficult to capture into words as his personal style, other than being distinctively Karl. Robin Givhan may have said it best, writing in the Washington Post, “Lagerfeld is not known for popularizing any silhouette or inventing any fashion item. Instead, he transformed the way in which fashion operates and the way in which people relate to it.

Read on to shop pieces inspired by Karl Lagerfeld.